Checking the validity of the highway vignette according to the number plate

Electronic highway signsalso known as e-stamps, are digital stickers that allow drivers to travel on toll roads in the Czech Republic.

These electronic vignettes can be purchased online from us and can be used immediately after payment. It is important to know how and where to check the validity of an electronic highway stamp, especially when the validity of a highway stamp expires.

How and where to check the validity of an electronic highway stamp

The easiest way to find out the validity of your highway stamp is via our website


Using our form, you will find out what the validity of the highway stamp is. Just fill in the state of your vehicle's registration and your state license plate in the form. After entering this information, the validity of your toll road sign will be displayed.

Validity check

Just enter the vehicle's license plate and you will immediately find out whether you have a valid electronic highway stamp or whether your vehicle is exempt from payment.

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Enter numbers and letters, without spaces, dashes, diacritics or special characters.

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The vehicle does not have a highway stamp purchased for today


When does my highway vignette expire?

In the Czech Republic, it is possible to purchase a highway stamp for a period of ten days, thirty days or one year. For the movement of motor vehicles on the Czech highway network, it is necessary to purchase this highway stamp for all motor vehicles, with some exceptions. These exceptions include, for example, electric vehicles, hybrid or hydrogen vehicles, vintage cars and others.

The beginning and end of the validity of the highway stamp is indicated on the confirmation of payment. If you buy a toll stamp with immediate validity, the day and time you pay the toll stamp starts.

If you purchase a toll stamp with the option to postpone the start of its validity, this validity starts at midnight on the day you choose. Such a highway stamp can be purchased up to three months in advance.

The end of validity of the motorway stamp is indicated on the day of expiry and ends at exactly 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

In another way, the vehicle for which the highway stamp is purchased may be destroyed by expiry. The highway stamp is not transferable between vehicles. When the vehicle expires, the highway stamp also expires. When the vehicle is sold and transferred to a new owner, it is transferred together with the vehicle.

Verification of the validity of the electronic highway stamp

There are several ways to verify the validity of your highway stamp. The first way is verification using the register of highway signs, in which you can verify everything via the form above. Here, you will find out the validity of your highway stamp based on your vehicle's license plate.

Another way to find out the validity is based on the confirmation of the payment of the highway stamp.

Validity can also be verified through the Police of the Czech Republic and the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. The vehicles of these departments have cameras installed on them, which can verify the validity of your highway stamp. However, this option can have a negative effect if your highway stamp is no longer valid. Therefore, if you are not sure of your validity, we recommend checking it using the form above.