The price of a highway vignette

Highway networks are a necessary part of travel for the vast majority of drivers. However, to move along them, you need to purchase a highway vignette. In the price of the highway vignette, you pay for the construction and maintenance of the highway network.

Types of highway vignettes and their prices

There are currently 3 types of highway vignettes available in the Czech Republic:

ten-day highway vignette: CZK 310

monthly highway vignette: CZK 440

annual highway vignette: CZK 1,500

Price development of individual types of highway vignettes

Motorway vignettes have been operating in our country since 1995, and over time their price has changed many times. The price of the toll vignettes depended on the period for which it was purchased and the weight of the vehicle for which it was purchased. Between 1995-2000 it was possible to purchase only annual highway vignettes. In 1995, the price for vehicles up to 3.5 tons was 400 CZK, in 2000 already 800 CZK. For heavier vehicles, the prices were higher and increased every year. In 2009, however, toll prices for all vehicles were unified.

In 2000, highway vignettes valid for ten days or a month were introduced. This year, a monthly highway vignette cost CZK 200 and a ten-day vignette cost CZK 100. During the years 2005-2009, highway vignettes with a different length of validity were also introduced. Since 2010, however, a system has been set up where only ten-day, monthly and annual stamps work.

Since 2012, the prices of highway vignettes that we know today have also been set. However, it is now assumed that highway vignettes should become more expensive in the future by 50% to 100% of their current price.