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CZdálnice is not an official seller of highway vignettes. We are an alternative unofficial dealer that wants to offset the carbon footprint produced by driving. We plant a tree simply from the handling fee.

If the vehicle's license plate has changed, for example due to the loss, theft or destruction of the original license plate, your highway stamp will remain valid, but you must notify us of this change.

Fill in the Notice on the change of license plate and attach a copy of the document documenting the change of license plate (for example, a copy of the large technical license, which shows the original and new license plate and VIN code of the vehicle). Press one to return to the main menu.

Form here

You have to wait for a confirmation email, which will inform you about the activation of the highway vignette.

You can check the validity of a highway vignette in our validity check system or on the official website of the highway vignette seller

You will receive a confirmation of validity only when the amount has been credited to our account, this process may take up to 3 days.

The electronic highway vignette is not transferable between motor vehicles, in case of sale of the vehicle, the electronic highway vignette will remain valid for the original vehicle.

The electronic highway vignette is not transferable between motor vehicles.

The electronic highway vignette cannot be transferred between individual vehicles. However, if you need to change the vehicle number plate itself when it is lost, destroyed or stolen, it is possible. All you have to do is send us your request to together with a copy of the technical license that proves this fact and a new number plate. The change is subject to a fee of CZK 150.

If you make duplicate orders on our portal with overlapping validity dates, our system will automatically activate them so that their validity continues. This function also applies if you make your first order with us, which overlaps the current validity period, even in that case, the vignette is activated so that the validity continues.

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