Electronic highway stamp 2024

Electronic highway stamp 2024

Our electronic highway signs for the year 2024 are not only the key to comfortable and easy travel on Czech highways, but above all they are a means by which we can contribute to reducing the unwanted carbon footprint created by our internal combustion engines.

 You can check the validity of the highway stamp easily and online.

Activate the motorway stamp later and save

With regard to the government's decision, an important change is coming: From March 2024, the price of highway stamps will increase. In order to save money, we recommend that you use the option of later activation of the electronic highway stamp, up to 3 months after its purchase. This means that if you buy a highway stamp in February, for example, you can only activate it in May of the same year.

A common path to a greener future

Steps leading to sustainability and a greener future are not only the content of our project, but also our passion. We want everyone who buys a highway stamp from us to know that they are becoming part of something useful. By purchasing a highway stamp, you are actively supporting our efforts to protect nature and a sustainable future. Every tree we plant helps to reduce the emissions produced and contributes to the protection of our environment. Together we are moving towards a greener future, because we believe that the provision of highway signs should already include the reduction of the environmental impact of vehicles in 2024.

Why do we charge a handling eco fee?

Manipulační poplatek umožňuje našemu projektu provoz a financování výsadby stromů a tím redukovat CO2 produkovaným jízdou autem. V dopravě vzniká téměř 30 procent všech emisí oxidu uhličitého v EU, přičemž ta silniční se na nich podílí ze 72 procent. Buďte tedy klimaticky aktivní a kupte dálniční známku u nás a přispějte k zalesňování naší planety. Manipulační poplatek na zasazení stromu se odvíjí od typu dálniční známky, pro roční známku je 150 Kč, pro měsíční a desetidenní je 100 kč.

How much will the motorway stamp cost for 2024?

In 2024, there will be a significant change in the prices of highway stamps in the Czech Republic. The price of the annual highway stamp for ordinary vehicles will change from CZK 1,500 to CZK 2,300. A monthly stamp will be available for CZK 430, a ten-day stamp for CZK 270 and the newly introduced one-day stamp will cost CZK 200. For owners of vehicles with a hybrid drive, the price of the annual stamp will be set at CZK 570.

When to buy a 2024 motorway stamp?

If you plan to purchase a Czech highway stamp in 2024 as well, the ideal time to buy it is before February 29, 2024. Until then, you can take advantage of lower prices, as tariffs will increase in March. Early purchase of an electronic highway stamp allows you to save money and avoid problems when shopping at the last minute.

How far in advance can I buy a highway stamp?

Along with the increase in the price of highway stamps, another fundamental change is coming in the new year. From January 1, 2024, the period for postponing stamp activation will be reduced from the original three months to just one month. This means that the ideal time to get your 2024 motorway stamp would be the end of February.

The price of a new annual highway stamp will be CZK 2,300 from March 1, 2024. If you buy it at the old price, i.e. no later than February 29, 2024, you can save 800 crowns and activate the stamp at any time until March 29, 2024.