Electronic highway vignette online

easy and fast way

Electronic highway vignette online


Electronic highway stamp is an easy and fast way to drive legally on Czech highways.

Instead of the previous form, when it was necessary to fill out a physical stamp and stick it on the windshield of the vehicle, it is now sufficient to register your vehicle in the electronic register. Newly, the signs do not have to be physically on the vehicle, but the highway sign is sufficient in online form.

Electronic highway order grades in 3 steps

The electronic highway stamp is a very fast and convenient solution. The driver does not have to travel anywhere for the highway stamp, he just needs to order it online in the comfort of his home following a simple procedure.

1. Simply register your vehicle online below.

2. Here you fill in the type of vehicle and its state license plate.

3. Furthermore, it is enough to pay a fee, the amount of which depends on the period for which the highway stamp is valid.

Other benefits include, for example, the validity of a highway stamp

It can be activated immediately after payment or its validity can start on a date you choose.< /span>

You can clearly see the price of the toll stamp online after selecting the option for how long you need the electronic toll stamp for.

Online validity check and management of the toll stamp

Even from the comfort of your home, you can check the validity of your highway stamp online. Everything is very simple and fast.

Also, the online management of the highway stamp is now very simple, you just need to log in to the administration of your stamp using the license plate number and the Authorization code, which you can find on the confirmation of validity document, in the E-mail. In the administration, we can correct up to two symbols in the license plate, or change the start date of validity.

You can check the validity and manage the stamp on the main page

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