The advantage of the Green Electronic Highway Stamp

We offer a simple way to plant a tree and be climate-active. Using the toll service, you can contribute to offsetting the CO2 emissions that are produced when you drive a car. We invest the income from this service in non-governmental projects of planting long-lived wild trees in the Czech Republic and around the world.

Every month we will publish an overview of the trees planted and the number of stamps sold for the previous period.

If we have the option, we will make a change on the highway vignette, such as the validity date (if it is not already valid) or we will change two symbols in the sign.

There is a function that automatically activates the vignette so that the validity does not overlap. In practice, this means that in the case of purchasing a vignette with a validity date that overlaps the current one, our system will record this situation and activate a vignette with a subsequent date.