Drive with a clear conscience.

By planting trees, we offset the production of carbon emissions.

Thanks to your contributions, 161 trees have been planted

You too can contribute

- You can also take part in the project. All you have to do is buy a motorway stamp from us and thus help offset the carbon footprint of your roads.
- The amount of the contribution depends on the specific time stamp.

About our project

- With the help of the road service you can contribute to the compensation of CO2 emissions that are produced while driving.
- We invest the proceeds from this service in non-governmental projects of planting long-lived wild trees in the landscape of the Czech Republic and in the world.

CO2 emissions from cars: facts and figures

It arises in transport
Almost 30 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in the EU, with the road going on
they account for 72 percent of them.

Cars with
ranks among the largest emitters of CO2, with total emissions generated by transport
they account for 60.7 percent. However, even traveling by modern car can happen
one of the cleanest modes of transport if more people travel by car. That
Unfortunately, statistics show that an average of 1.7 people travel by car in Europe
passenger. Thus, other modes of transport, such as bus, are shown
as more environmentally friendly alternatives.