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which plants trees and reduces CO2

We transparently plant for a handling fee and reduce CO2

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Simply enter your vehicle's license plate and you'll instantly know if you have a valid road vignette.

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Save our planet with us!


Deforestation is one of the big global problems of our planet, its course and consequences directly or indirectly affect the life of each of us. Not only does the loss of forests contribute to climate change and affect the natural course of ecosystems, but it is also a stimulus for many social changes. Almost half of the forests that covered the Earth a few hundred years ago have disappeared, and deforestation is spreading and accelerating. 2011 was declared the International Year of Forests, which is also one of the reasons why deforestation is part of the UNEP agendaTéměř polovina lesů, které ještě před několika sty lety pokrývaly Zemi, zmizela a odlesňování se rozšiřuje a urychluje. Rok 2011 byl vyhlášen Mezinárodním rokem lesů, což je také jedním z důvodů, proč je deforestace součástí agendy UNEP

Why do we charge a handling eco fee?

The handling fee enables our project to operate and finance the planting of trees and thereby reduce the CO2 produced by driving a car. Transport accounts for almost 30 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in the EU, with road emissions accounting for 72 percent. So be climate-active and buy a highway stamp from us and contribute to the afforestation of our planet.

Who is obliged to purchase an electronic highway stamp?

The obligation to acquire a highway stamp applies to motor vehicles with at least four wheels, the maximum permitted weight of which is no more than 3.5 tons. The obligation does not apply to trailers and motorcycles. From 1 January 2021, the list of vehicles that are exempted has been expanded.

Inspection and fines

The Police of the Czech Republic and the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic can tell by the vehicle's number plate whether you have a valid electronic highway stamp or whether your vehicle is exempt. The check is carried out directly on the tolled section of the highway by means of patrol vehicles equipped with a camera system for recognizing the number plate and with the help of a remote connection to control gates or control at rest areas and parking lots.

Amount of fines: A driver detected by the system on a tolled section of the highway without a valid electronic highway stamp (and if he is not exempted) faces a fine of up to CZK 20,000. The control will also cover possible misuse of the exemption. If a natural or legal person submits an exemption notice without being entitled to it, in an attempt to deliberately abuse the system, the fine can rise to CZK 100,000. If the tolled section of the highway is used by a vehicle to which the exemption applies, but the driver has not filed the exemption notice, even though the law requires it, he faces a fine of up to CZK 5,000. Those who do not report to the State Transport Infrastructure Fund within ten working days that the grounds for exemption have passed are threatened with the same amount of fine. What will happen to the obtained data and photos?

In addition to scanning the vehicle's number plate and subsequently finding information about the validity of the electronic highway stamp, a photo of the vehicle is also taken if the vehicle does not have a valid electronic highway stamp or is not exempt. Immediately after the picture is taken, the software divides the recording into a photo and data. Furthermore, it only works with data that is sent to the control system.

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