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570 - 1,150 CZK

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100 - 210 CZK

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60 - 130 CZK

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50 - 100 CZK

CZK 2,300

🍃 Eco price  570 - 1,150 CZK

CZK 430

🍃 Eco price 100 - 210 CZK

CZK 270

🍃 Eco price  60 - 130 CZK

CZK 200

🍃 Eco price   50 - 100 CZK

Validity check

Simply enter your vehicle's license plate and you'll instantly know if you have a valid road vignette.

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Zadejte čísla a písmena, bez mezer, pomlček, diakritiky a speciálních znaků.


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Manage your purchased vignette

Manage your purchased vignette

Change of the beginning of the validity of the vignette

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We transparently plant for a handling fee and reducing CO2

Who must purchase the electronic vignette in Czech republic?

The obligation to purchase a highway toll sticker before entering toll sections of highways applies to motor vehicles with at least four wheels, whose maximum permissible weight is up to 3.5 tons.

This obligation does not apply to motorcycles and trailer vehicles. Vehicles exempted from toll sticker purchase due to their purchase are not required to obtain an electronic highway toll sticker.

More about exempt vehicles here

Supervision and fines

The Czech Republic Police and the Czech Customs Administration can determine by the vehicle's registration number if you have a valid electronic highway vignette or if your vehicle is exempted. The control is carried out directly on the tolled highway section by patrol vehicles equipped with a camera system for license plate recognition and with the help of remote connection to control gates or by checks at rest areas and parking lots.

If the system detects a driver on the tolled highway section without a valid electronic highway vignette (and if no exemption applies to him), a fine of up to 20,000 CZK is threatened. The controls will also cover potential exemption misuse. If an individual or a legal entity applies for an exemption without having the right to it, in an attempt to deliberately abuse the system, the fine can climb up to 100,000 CZK. If a vehicle that is subject to an exemption uses the tolled highway section, but the driver did not apply for an exemption even though the law requires it, he is threatened with a fine of up to 5,000 CZK. The same fine amount threatens those who do not notify the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure within ten working days that the reasons for the exemption have ceased. What will happen with the obtained data and photographs?

In addition to capturing the vehicle's registration number and subsequently finding out information about the validity of the electronic highway vignette, if the vehicle does not have a valid electronic highway vignette or is not exempted, a photo of the vehicle is also taken. Immediately after the creation of the image, the software divides the record into a photo and data. It then only works with the data, which is sent to the control system.

Source edalnice.cz

Save our planet with us!


Besides deforestation, another major global issue is related to transportation and the use of automobiles, namely traffic congestion and negative environmental impacts. The development of highways and the increasing number of cars bring a range of challenges and problems that affect both the lives of individuals and society as a whole. The construction of highways aims to improve road infrastructure and facilitate the transport of goods and people between cities and regions. However, these extensive infrastructure projects often require interventions in nature and can have negative impacts on the environment. Highway construction often leads to deforestation to make way for routes and connections. This has serious consequences for biodiversity and ecosystems that are dependent on forested areas. Moreover, the mere presence of highways and the increasing number of cars contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Cars powered by fossil fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, produce carbon dioxide and other pollutants that contribute to climate change and adversely affect air quality. This negative impact affects human health and can cause respiratory problems and other health issues.

Why do we charge a handling eco fee?

The handling fee enables our project to operate and finance the planting of trees and thereby reduce the CO2 produced by driving a car. Transport accounts for almost 30 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in the EU, with road emissions accounting for 72 percent. So be climate-active and buy a highway stamp from us and contribute to the afforestation of our planet.

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